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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make an order?

You can make an online order on via one of the payment options or you can contact us via email at

see How to Buy page:

How can I pay?

Safaspace provides 5 different payment options:

- Credit / Debit Card (Secure Payment System)

- PayPal

- Apple Pay

- Google Pay

- Other money transfer options like Western Union.


How will I receive my products?

Your products are delivered via Internation Insured Shipping and you are provided a tracking code once the order is shipped.

How will I receive my products safely?

Your products are shipped in an additional protective pack to make sure there are delivered all right.

How long does it typically take to receive an order?

The products are usually delivered within 12  to 20 working days once the order is made, due to a very high demand. Shipping may take longer than 20 days depending on national customs regulations. Safaspace cannot be held responsible for any delays due to such formal procedures.

Do the prices include taxes?

No. the prices listed do not include taxes or duties, including EU VAT. When you make an order, you will be responsible for paying import duties, taxes and any other applicable fees if they are asked by the officials. However, for most countries, our customers do not experience custom duties or any other custom problems.

What is your refund policy?

Please see detailed information on the Refund Policy page.

May I cancel my order?

According to terms of service, you can ask to cancel within 1 hour of paying for the order or winning the auction. we can not cancel an order that already had been posted or shipped.

For More Questions, email us at: