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Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker
Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker

Wooden Adhan Clock & Quran Speaker

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The morning time is very blessed. The Messenger of Allah, (PPUH), is reported to have said,

“Oh, Allah bless my nation in the early morning time”. Narrated by Imam al-Tirmidhi and others.

Hence you will find a lot of benefit in your daily life if you are able to wake-up and pray the dawn prayer in its time.


Waking up for the dawn prayer is a struggle for many people, but with the Azan Prayer Clock, there is no more need to take all the means possible before sleeping to enable one to wake up in time.

It is a speaker clock with full recitation of the Quran, using a remote control to select an audio Koran, timing setting and listening to the Koran with high-quality sound. Natural wood to create a first-class feel, unique features are designed for Azan Salat.


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1. Aya by Aya, word by word: Play all Sura Quran by pressing the button on the remote control. It is easy to learn the Koran in this way.

2. 35 votes & 30 languages to choose from

3. Audio Tafseer, Duaa for Hajj. Playing Quran Translation. Choose your own language in order to understand the Quran meaning.

4. FM radio, MP3 and BlueTooth 4.0

5. Quick Sura & Aya Selection by remote control

6. Azan setting time and praying, more than 800 Azan City support

7. 10 W high-quality speaker

8. Real clock and alarm setting

Famous reciters support
1)Abdulah Matroud 2)Abdul Basit 3)Abdullah 3awwaad
4)Abdullah Basfer 5)Abdurrehman Bukhaatir 6)Abu Baker Shatery
7)Ahmad Neana 8)al Tablaway 9)Al-Ajmi
10)Al-Akhdar 11)Al-Fasy 12)Al-Hudaifi
13)Al-Husari 14)Al-Mishawi 15)Al-Sudais
16)Hani Rifai 17)Khalifa al Tunaij 18)Mahir Mouiqlee
19)Mahmoud Ali al Banna 20)Mohammad Siddique Mishawi with children 21)Muhammad Jibreel
22)Qari Barkatullah Saleem 23)Saad Alghamdi 24)Salah Al-Budair
25)Saood ash Shuraym 26)others

Translation languages support
1)Azerbaijani Translation 2)Bangla Translation 3)Bosnian Translation
4)Dari Translation 5)English Translation 6)English Translation Pickthal
7)French Translation 8)German Translation 9)Gujarati Translation
10)Hindi Translation 11)Indonesian Translation 12)Kazakh Translation
13)Kurdish Translation 14)Malayalam Translation 15)Malaysian Translation
16)Pashto Translation 17)Persian(Farsi) Translation 18)Portuguese Translation
19)Russian Translation 20)Somali Translation 21)Swahili Translation
22)Spanish Translation 23)Turkish Translation 24)Urdu Translation 25)Uzbek Translation.


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